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Replacing Carpet and Need to Match Existing Oak

14 years ago

We are replacing carpet in our living room & dining room and want to match the 2.25" natural red oak on the rest of this level. We're looking at prefinished mainly for durability and speed/ease of installation. The new floor will only butt up against the old at one doorway, but is also a step down from the foyer so will be a first-look impression. Our guy brought in some Bruce samples from Lowe's (I didn't note down the model, but at $3.99/sq ft has an attractive price) and they matched OK, but I'm not crazy about the beveled edges. I'd seen Bellawood natural select previously at LL and mentioned I thought that was probably a better product, looked better, and had a much longer warranty. Because of this forum I now know the risk I would have taken in going in that direction. Does Bruce offer any micro-bevel stuff, or is there another manuf. that one would recommend? The sub-floor is in good shape, main floor above the basement, but I don't know if slight irregularities would cause bad overwood with square cut flooring. I get the feeling our guy (part of a remodeling team) has experience putting in hardwood but that's not his sole focus. I'm obviously a newb but trying to educate myself on the options. Since this is new flooring, about 450 sq ft, I want to do it right the first time so price is not foremost, but I'm ignorant of good brands and options apart from the beveled edge, which to me makes the floor look too different from the existing site-finished floor. So, looking for advice/options for pre-finished natural red oak. I'm pretty set on pre-finished solid 3/4" natural red oak, but apart from that don't know.

Thanks in advance for any help,


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