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Ending the Insanity of Holiday Gift-Giving

10 years ago

I know it's an odd season to be asking this question, but by the time Christmas rolls around it's too late. How can I tactfully bow out of the whole gift-exchange at Christmas with my siblings' families? My kids are older teenagers, my siblings' "kids" are adults in their 20s - some of whom earn more than my husband and me combined! My brothers' wives are extremely generous with our kids and it really pressures us to reciprocate. But I feel like not only is it killing us, but it's nowhere near the generosity of my siblings. I just can't do it anymore. I really just prefer to have a family party and enjoy the food, music and company. I need some words to use this summer to prepare them all that we are bowing out. Does anyone have some nice wording? They might just ignore me and do it anyway, which would really stink. Now the kids all bring their girlfriends and boyfriends to the family party and it just becomes a huge anxiety-ridden evening for me, a real PITA. I am embarrassed because they are all in a different situation than my husband and me. They are well-off. We aren't poor, but we just feel like the holidays are stressful enough without having to give to nephews and nieces. My husband and I don't even exchange gifts because we always feel so broke year after year. They, on the other hand, give the kids cash, clothes and fun stuff. It's just too much. I hate it. I never got gifts from my aunts and uncles growing up. It wasn't necessary and we never expected it. At what point do you say enough is enough?

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