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Note to self: No stomping...

10 years ago

Came inside (for the 5th time today) from shoveling snow off the deck - if I let it build up more than a few inches, I can't get the door open.

Stomped my feet to get the snow off my boots avalanche!

I now have 22 luscious, ripe limes that fell off my Mexican (Key Lime) tree which lives near the front door. Off to look at recipes and figure out what the heck to make. We don't eat desserts, so maybe sopa de lima?

It was neat to have tropical fruit falling on my snow-covered boots, but I'd hoped to harvest fewer at a time :-)

Oops, make that 28 limes - just came in from shoveling again. I didn't stomp - really. Guess they're just super ripe.

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