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High school graduation gift ideas

14 years ago

It's been so long since we've had to purchase high school graduation gifts for family members that I'm lost as to ideas as to what's popular or needed these days. There are so many more electronics available then when we were younger, LOL!

My grandson was raised by my husband and I from the age of 1 to the age of 12. His mother "gave him up" when he was an infant, and our son had custody, but was stationed overseas in the military at the time. His military flying career kept him consistently on overseas missions, so we readily agreed to help raise his son. It was twelve years before son was able to work himself into a flying position where he was stationed stateside and able to take the boy himself to raise. Consequently, we have a closer than usual attachment and relationship to our grandson, who is graduating in June and going off to college in the fall.

Our son was recently married to a divorcee who had two children of her own, her eldest daughter is also graduating from high school this May and going to nursing school in the fall. We don't know this girl very well, as she lives with her birth father in another state and only visits her mother and new step-dad, (our son), on vacations. We plan to give her a gift as well, though probably not as significant as what we purchase for our grandson.

I thought perhaps those of you with graduating students might have some suggestions as to suitable gifts. We've asked for recommendations from the parents, but haven't had much feedback yet and I'm getting anxious!

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