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Above grade, wood subfloor, hardy board or schluter w/ tile

10 years ago

I tried to explain it in the title but, i have a kitchen this is not on a slab. It currently has a plywood subfloor with laminate glued to it.

I would like to avoid ripping up the subfloor, but at the same time want to make something that lasts.

What is my best option, hardy board ontop of the current floor, or ditra on top of the current floor and then lay tile ontop of it?

I also need to mention there is currently a dip in the center of the floor where our island will stradle, at one point a good 3/4 inch dip.

I've had someone under the house and said they could jack it up and install a support beam, or could i float extra mud under the schluter or under the hardy board, which ever is recommended.

Sorry for the log winded post just curious on what the best way to approach this is.


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