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Bad wood Floor install....what to do (lots of pics included)

13 years ago

Please help! We had Cali Bamboo Flooring installed about 3 months ago throughout our entry, kitchen, utility, and dining and in the last two weeks we have started seeing lots of issues!

I have had wood floors before and am aware that there is some shrinkage in the winter but I have never seen anything like this......

We have about a dozen areas where there is now over a 1/4 inch gap and TWO areas that have completely detached themselves from the plan next to them!!!!!

I called Cali Bamboo and of course they confirmed what I thought....we had a bad install! My question is, (before I call the installer) what should I expect from the installer? He was a local installer and has been in business for about 20 years and was highly recommended! He has already come out once to repair one area (he used wood straps to bring the boards closer together) but that area is now gaping again!

Any suggestions?

ALSO, I should mention that the home these were laid in is still undergoing a remodel so please excuse the lack of floorboards and the primed and unpainted woodwork :)

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