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Do my curtains clash with my proposed BS? lots of pics

12 years ago


This is a hard pill for me to swallow as my curtains are fairly new and custom. Let me know what you think and please make some suggestions as to what would work in my space? Preferrably ready-made at this point. Be aware that this is a space in transition, not a new kitchen. I was using small doses of orange as an accent color (you'll see the orange on the dining area side in my pillows and in the curtains).

New tile will be glass 3x6 subways, mostly white with some black and green thrown in here and there. The top tile appears blue'ish in this pic, it is not, it matches my wall color perfectly.


My current curtains (on sink window and eat-in dining area):


Eat-in dining area, you can see how the BS is very visible in this space:

Pillow fabric on bench in eat-in dining area(pillows are brown, orange, green and white)I think I could remove the solid brown pillows and replace them with black ones? :

Overall view of kitchen area (black on perimeter, green on island):


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