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I'd love a fabulous tomato soup recipe.

15 years ago

I have tried so many different tomato soup recipes and they always end up tasting like some sort of spaghetti sauce. Does anyone have a killer tomato soup recipe? Something smooth, not chunky, and not full of cream (although a touch of cream for smoothness is fine.)

I have a freezer full of tomatoes from my summer garden that I blanched and froze and I'd love to make them into a luscious pot of soup if I could just find the ideal recipe.

The tomato soup that I love best is actually from Safeway/Vons back in California. It's their store brand and they sell it in plastic containers with a seal on top. I don't know what they put in that stuff, but it's so dang good. I can't stomach any canned soups or pre-made soups except for that one. That one is the best tomato soup I've ever tasted. It's smooth and slightly sweet and doesn't seem creamy although it has something like 13 grams of fat per serving. I don't live in California any more so I can't check the ingredient label to try to recreate it.


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