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Need Dog advice- male dog 'marks'

Hi all, I posted this on the pets forum too to get as much info as possible!

I really appreciate anything you might say.

I have a beagle/jack russell dog that is house trained somewhat. He is about ten and we have had him for 5-6 years. He is smart, devoted and all around wonderful. And neutered of course.

He is semi house trained. He will let me know when he wants to go out and he will do his business outside all the time. He has never pooped in the house ever.

He does not pee in the house unless no one is around to let him out- very, very rare. BUT, he doesn't seem to have the ability to "hold it" either. my other dog, a girl, can hold it all day if it's raining outside and she doesn't want to go out.

But, if I bring something new in the house, over time, I usually will find he has sprayed it. I have never caught him doing it. It's usually plants that he sprays.

On my screened in porch, I have a lot of containers and plants which I change out all the time. He does mark these more than anything in the house. Maybe 'cause it's a plant- like the outdoor shrubs! At least everything outside is easy to clean.

Concern: I have bought a new rug for our main living room.

It's wool, 10' x 14' and I DO NOT WANT HIM TO MARK IT!!

What can I do? How can I introduce him to it? I can watch him constantly for awhile but not forever.

Oh, it's not a constant thing. My house isn't smelly or filled with dog pee! Maybe once every 4 months or so. If I don't buy anything new, we're fine.

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