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Citizen's Auto Finance - VENT

12 years ago

Just have to get this off my chest! DH got a new(used) vehicle 2 months ago. Auto loan with Citizen's Auto Finance. #1 gripe - You HAVE to make payments through the mail - they charge $10 to make online payment or phone payment. WHAT!?!?! Ok - so I just set up my bank for billpay after I sent the 2nd check. Payment was due on the 4th - so this month I mailed it on the 4th. (First month I was real good and mailed it really early). DH gets a phone call at 8AM this morning from Citizen's Auto Finance saying his payment is 3 DAYS LATE and is it in the mail?!!!! Now - wait a minute here. I KNOW it was due the 4th - but come on. Three days and they're calling? Says it's their policy from 3-29 days to call - after day 30 it's on the credit report. But the guy says you have a 10 days grace period for the payment to come in after the due date. So why start calling at day 3? Needless to say DH was torqued up first thing this morning (I don't think I would have like to have been on the other end of the phone) then when I got the call at work from him about it.....this is utterly ridiculous.

And our credit ratings are 780 so it's not like we don't pay our bills on time.

Anyone else have this experience?



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