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What would happen to them

15 years ago

Say there this mother who has 6 kids, from the time they can eat first solid food she does experimentations and nothing is done to stop her

Kid 1- only fruit

kid 2- only veggies

kid 3 -only bread, grains and rice.

kid 4- only dairy products, milk,cheese,ect

kid 5- only meat.

and kid 6- only junk,snack candy foods.

Would they survive to Adulthood? AND If they did survive how long would they live if they continued their mothers diet? What would happen to them along the way?, if they did die which one would die first?, I bet the candy kid wouldn't live to see preschool age,but thats a wild guess.

I'm a preforming Artist and might do a play like this for Mothers day, called A Mothers doing.

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