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Need yeast free and sugar free ideas.

11 years ago

Upon the advise of two of my doctors I just started following "the yeast connection" diet.

A quick summary.

No sugar or other quick acting carbs. No fruit. (I want to avoid artificial sweetners)

No cows milk. Just switched to unsweetened almond milk.

No yeast. (this maybe be temporary)

No cheese.

No alcohol

No condiments or other vinegar containing foods

No malt products

No processed or smoked meats

No edible Fungi

Does anyone follow this? Any ideas? Snacks are a big problem. I am not perfect with this yet. This is what I'm doing right now.

Very low sugar cereal but plan to switch to plain cooked oatmeal (if I can stand it)

Lunch is a vegetable soup I make that helps reduce yeast.

Dinner is whatever but I am not eating any bread. I try to stick to meat and vegetables.

I found a 100% whole grain, zero sugar tortilla chip that is very good for a snack but what else can I eat?

Any suggestions?

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