Need toning/firming exercise video for someone w/a bad knee...


so the video should not include steps (at all!) or walking too much. I have a sorta bum knee and so cannot do a lot of lunges, squats, steps, etc. and sometimes walking bothers me.

I need some gentle exercises on a video that I can do in the privacy of my own home. I'm not crazy about sweating either, but I will do exercises that make me sweat if I'll see results.

I DO need to firm and tone my body because I'm losing weight and getting jiggly (in the wrong way!).

Would Pilates (w/Denise Austin) be a good choice for me?

Maybe isometrics?

I'm still fluffy w/ a bit more weight to lose, and I'm middle aged.


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Here's a link to a grat website that has lots of videos. If you limit your search to basic aerobic or stretch you should be able to find what you're looking for.

Then when you've picked one out, you might try finding a used copy at eBay or Amazon to save money.

Here is a link that might be useful: Collage Video

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I had knee problems and found that Tai CHi and Qi Gong really helped me.

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I was ill for years and lost a lot of muscle mass, and my knees just killed me. I asked my doctor for some simple exercises, which she provided. After that, I was able to move on to a stationary bike - no resistance - and a treadmill at about 2.5 miles per hour, and that strengthened my knees right up.

Here is a link that might be useful: simple knee exercises.

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