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enhancement foods/drugs without long term effects

12 years ago

I'm new, so I apologize for my ignorance, lol

I just learned in a college class of mine, about the role of drugs and chemicals in our society,

how they came to be, and generally(with my pre-existing knowledge) how they are used today and

may be used in the future.

I am trying to find a qualitative answer to a question I asked myself and my professor once I

learned this information...

If drugs and external chemicals have consequences, both bad and good, and were invented(or used

once discovered) for temporary enhancement of _ What are some substances, whether in chemical form or otherwise that I or most people can intake

periodically, and fit the following criteria?:

1. They Create positive enhancement of life by enhancing some sense(e.g. More energy, less pain,

sexual performance, better hearing, better taste, everything else in the book)

2. Does not overwhelm natural homeostasis, and does not have chronic or substantial long term

side effects.(e.g. cancer, diseases, loss of senses, loss of brain matter, etc)

i.e. What foods, and drugs can we intake that will not be detrimental in the the future, whether

used in moderation or daily?

Keep in mind, i'm not talking about short-term side effects, because in the end...they end; you

don't have to deal with them weeks, months, years down the road, so they can be dealt with in a

much better way than long-term effects. I know that alcohol is an effective poison but for

example, the hangover you feel after consumption of alcohol the next day is something i'm not

worried about. The cardiovascular disease, CNS damage, and liver complications years later are

things I am worried about.

An example answer to my question might be, the Glycoprotein called Miraculin or "the miracle

fruit"(i.e. Synsepalum dulcificum) people today are raving about, that causes sour food to taste

sweet. I'm assuming this harmless fruit and chemical, if taken weekly or monthly would probably

not have any crazy long term effects, though I might even wrong about that. Perhaps, even if

the taste fibres were damaged long term, everything would taste better forever! haha.

Anyway, I really appreciate any helpful information any of you can give me!!! Effects i'm truly

interested in learning about are enhanced energy, and perhaps sensory changes as alternatives to

caffeine(energy drinks), and alcohol for "life enhancers". I often lack energy throughout the

day even though I workout every so often and have a decent diet(oatmeal, sandwiches, meat with

vegetable dinners). I also drink alcohol every couple months and to be honest, i'm in my early

twenties and it's fun :/ The thought of stopping is somewhat painful, though doa