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patellofemoral syndrome, knee pain questions

20 years ago

Does anyone here have patellofemoral syndrome, which is knee pain, especially with stairs? My pain always occurs about 24 hours after doing anything, such as too many staries or walking up and down hill. Running and jogging has been out of the question for years. In the past, however, I did get relief from backing off exercise, but now I have become worse. I can not exercise at all for the past three months.

Is it helpful to keep the knee straight when sitting down? Because I only feel the pain later, it is easy for me to over do gardening and not realize until the next day, that my knee hurts. If my knee hurt at the time of the activity, I would know that what I was doing was bad for my knee.

Can anyone else share information with me? What things did you find were helpful to your condition?

Dr. Dean Edell says surgery is not helpful, and therefore my HMO will not pay for surgery. A double blind study proved the surgery was not helpful.

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