Make me!


I have depression and yes I'm on meds but I still feel tired a lot due to the depression and my insomnia.

I'm just 21 and dead tired.

Simple everyday things are a chore. Like hanging up clothes. Yeah, that bad.

I really want to exercise and I also want to get a job. They kind of go hand in hand if I land that waitress job.

What can I do for a quick energy boost? Enough for me to sit up and decide to exercise?


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Exercise helps, even a short walk around the block. Enjoy people's yards, say hello to others who might be out and about.

Ms minnamouse, if you are on meds, are they helping you? Maybe you need to make a call to your dr. tomorrow. Adjustments to meds can help, whether it's a dosage change or maybe even something different.

If you drink coffee late in the day, you may not sleep well tonight, which could negatively affect how you feel tomorrow. You could feel sluggish and tired because of lack of sleep, and that won't help you.

Good luck.

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Waitressing is really going to be tough. Is there nothing less physical that you can do?

I drink zip fizz in the morning. I get it at Costco. It is $1.00 per 16 oz drink. I like the citrus flavor. It gets me going because it has caffeine from guarana. It is in a tube that you add to a bottle of water. I use the same bottles over and over. I take it first thing in the morning so it won't interfere with my sleep.

I am finally feeling better after years of feeling like crap. After trying all sorts of expensive treatments it turns out that a 3 cent pill works better than anything. It is flexeril and it relaxes my muscles enough to let me get enough sleep to function.