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Walk it off or let it rest???

15 years ago

Really need some advise here guys. No faith in Drs but trust those who have been there and done that.

I'm 65 and overweight(180) I walk 2 mi each morn. in rough terraign(sp)lots of uphill, downhill. Fell yesterday and everything seemed fine, no big deal- but- by the time I retired I could feel a tenderness in top of knee. Not from bruise, I did not fall there. Fell on my padding thank goodness. This morning, the knee does not want to straighten out. Not alot of pain, just sore. Firm believer in use it or lose it but I know some injurys need to rest. Since it is not alot of pain, should I keep doing the 2 mi????? A tiny bit of swelling, not much. Hope someones out there, I need to know. Thanks

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