Exercise your body and brain.


I go for long walks, try to every day.

I have made a habit of downloading all sorts of talks about science, or art, philosophy, or anything that sounds interesting and putting them on an ipod. I have learnt so much from listening to these talks.

Just thought others may like to do the same thing, and get that brain working as well !


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You are so right! Books on tape are good too.

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I agree with the notion of listening to something of interest while exercising. You learn stuff and it makes the time go by much faster.

One caution. Be conscious of your personal safety. Depending on where you walk, be aware of others around you as well as traffic. It's easy to become so engrossed in what you're listening to that you might unwittingly put yourself at risk. Many years ago I had a job that entailed a pretty easy, one-hour commute. I thought I'd make some use of that time and got some tapes on a variety of topics of interest to me. However, I quickly learned that I could not listen to the tapes and drive safely at the same time, so I quit the tapes. Now that I hear all the controversy about using cell phones while driving, I understand what I was going through. I guess that, personally, I'm not one for multi-tasking. Yes, I am of the male gender. :-)

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