recumbant bike vs. elliptical


I currently have a treadmill which I run on 3-4 times a week, but I'm really getting bored with it (even in front of the tv) so I'm thinking about getting another piece of equipment so I can trade off every other workout. I think I'd probably get on the recumbant bike more (I'm really a pretty lazy person, and the idea of sitting down and reading a bood while working out sounds great) however I think I'd get a better workout on the elliptical. I can only afford one so what is the better of the two?

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Good question. I think the one that you are most likely to use will be the best choice for you!

I, personally, like the elliptical trainers better than the bikes. They offer more of a full body workout and they are very gentle on the joints. The treadmills and the bikes just don't appeal to me as much. On the trwadmills the impact on the knees is too high and on the bikes it is too easy to lose control when trying to pick up the speed.
Have you tried both of them out at a gym or in a store? Pick the one that YOU like the best!

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I agree withy Looser. I like the eliptical too, but the most important thing is for you to get the machine you feel enthusiastic about using. Then you'll be more likely to use it.

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I think there are good sides to both of your choices. I think that the good ellipticals are very expensive but a very good workout. People say not to bother with the ones for $3-400 dollars. They just aren't like the commercial ones. A recumbant bike can be purchased for a lot less money and seems to stand up better and you are right!! You can read and do the biking. If you are actually running on the treadmill, the bike sounds like a good option. I find when I bike on a recumbant and read that I tend to bike slower. Let us know your decision. Deanna

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