How do I get rid of this?


I call it the dreaded "cheese roll" because it seems more prominate in the Midwest. It's the fat roll that is above your waist and below your breasts. I marvel at women that don't have it! It seems thin women can have it as well has heavier women. I think heredity has something to do with it but has anyone ever been successful of getting rid of it?

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My whole abdominal region is my worst area. I've tried many different exercise tapes and the one that I am finding is the most effective is called Great Abs Guaranteed. You can find it on It's a very short tape but if you do it consistently, you will see the difference!

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And of course everyone needs regular aerobic activity. Although it doesn't target specific areas, it's the best at getting rid of excess fat overall.

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Ina Plassa_travis

my mom's got it in spades- in her case, I think it's from years of training that wasp-waist of hers and getting fat over that framework...

I never had her waist line (but then mom's 5'2, I'm 5'7, she was 105 in her prime and 140 now- I was 140 at puberty, 160 in my prime, and a good 40 pounds over that now) but even now, I have a belly, but not that roll.

part of it is that so many women wear clothes that pinch right at the waise, and make what should be a small nuisance into a nasty-looking mess-

I have a friend who's half my weight and size... she's a ten who squeezes herself into 8's, I'm a 16 who wears my bottoms loose enough that that there's no pinch at my waist.

but I've found that hours at a desk, or in a car, tend to be a common thread with women with this roll...and it's something that I try and avoid, to the extent that I bike- commute 3 days a week, and keep pilates rubber bands at my desk to help me stretch...

pilates has the best exercises for working on the muscles underneath, though. by far. second... and I hate to admit owning one, is that 'twist' thing- the lazy susan you stand on and do the twist.

because I don't have room int he house for a hoola hoop- and I might do staff work in the back yard- but I'm not going to treat the neighbors to me playing with the hoola hoop !

they already thing I'm zany ;)

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I am finally getting rid of it through portion-control (Weight Watchers) and exercise - EVERY day for at least 30 minutes. I never had this problem before...but I swear when I turned 40, it just appeared! And then kept growing! I am back down to a size 6 and plan to stay that way, but I know I need to always be aware of how much I eat and that exercise happens daily.

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How do I get rid of an overhanging stomach? What exercise to help ? cannot do a lot of exertion, If I do lose weight will it go away or will the skin still hang there??

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