Developing a routine with machines?


I work on a high school campus that has installed a gym with basic, Nautilus fitness machines. Some folks from work and I have been given access to the room after hours.

Are their any tips or any sites I can go to to learn how to maximize our time there? I've been doing my Pilates-type stretches, then simply going around and doing sets of reps at all the machines in turns, at a weight that is just a little more than is comfortable.

Is there something more I should be considering or planning?

(We've actually been finishing each session with a rousing game of foursquare -- probably the best workout of all!)

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that all sounds about right to me - and the game probably is the best of it.

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Oh, it is!

I ended up "borrowing" the plan a friend got when she joined a high price gym and adapting it to our machines and the weights I can do. 6 weeks later, we're still going twice a week. Everyone is tweaking their routine a little, and we're all starting to see some small results. It really helps to have partners to guilt you into going.

But capping the boring work off with a game is the best part!

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