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diet x exercise x nutrition ?

9 years ago

Exercise the average football player who has all the medical experts of health helping him perform, lives 51 years and the average couch potato lives 78. Does exercise the answer for health? If so there is something they are not telling you.

Dieting as people more and more go on diets they get fatter and fatter. The whole diet protocol is not working. The more people who give up on eating fats, the fatter they get.
Vegans donâÂÂt live any longer than anyone else matter of fact they die sooner.

The average nutritionist has no idea of what is going on they are only fed information supplied by the medical system who are not doing a very good job. They done a billion dollar study of the nutritional needs of animals and came up with food that not only eliminated most ailments it also lengthened the life span. If you gave your dog table scraps your Vet. would say are you trying to kill your dog because it does not have the nutrition the dog needs. Your dog is getting better food than your children.

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