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The Fast Diet

10 years ago

We watched a show on PBS last night, "Eat, Fast & Live Longer." It's one show in a three part series by Dr. Michael Mosley.

Mosley also wrote a book, "The Fast Diet" and apparently it's very popular in the UK. The gist of the diet is that you eat normally five days a week (2000 calories for women), and two days a week you eat a quarter of that (500 calories).

Studies have found that calorie restriction has huge benefits of preventing disease and extending life. Of course, you have to optimize nutrition if you reduce calories drastically.

Two things struck me the most about this.

One: studies show that if you do intermittent fasting, there is virtually no loss of muscle. Almost all the weight lost comes from fat.

Two: starvation mode is a myth. Your metabolism does slow down in response to a decrease in calorie intake but not enough to actually inhibit weight loss.

DH really wants to do this, but I'm undecided. My biggest concern is that when I'm very strict with my diet, I tend to burn out after a while and gain a bunch of weight. However, this seems more reasonable because you get to eat "normal" on most days.


Here is a link that might be useful: Michael Mosley Interview

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