Dr. Fuhrman's 3 Steps Is Working


Lost 2 pounds in 3 days so far using Dr. Furmans nutrition-based eating! He did say you will drop pounds quick.

I am in a biggest loser contest at work and trying to make some strides toward healthier living.

Saw Dr. Fuhrman on PBS, and for some reason his presentation fascinated me. So I pledged and got his DVDs.

I am just in week 1 and am easing myself into his green veg/fruit/nuts/seeds/beans eating style.

Wanted to tell some folks who might share my enthusiasm!

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I read his book. Some things he purported seemed to be extreme. He even contradicted the FDA at times. I picked and chose which of his recommendations I wanted to accept and which ones to rejected. Overall I gained a lot of useful information.

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I read the book and he lost me when he mentioned "Eskimos have a high tendency for broken hips" because of the high protein diet. This wasn't the case 100 years ago on their traditional diet, just when then were introduced to the "American" diet combined with the traditional way of eating. I don't believe in the "one diet fits all". I can't do carbs very well so I am at the opposite side of the spectrum - high protein, high fat, low carb. I just had blood work done and my it is optimum. I totally don't believe in the FDA recommendations either. It is truly an individual thing so good for you for finding what works for you. You have a great attitude to lose more.

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"He even contradicted the FDA at times." You need to find out where 40% of their budget comes from. If 40% of YOUR budget was coming from manufacturers of drugs and supplements mainly coming from countries that have NO qualms about toxins and NO controls - would YOU rat them out when they blunder? These companies run their own tests - their own - not by independents. So there will be NOTHING wrong with most of them until people are harmed and dying. This is a true story. You need to do more research and not be so trusting.

Try looking into doug kaufmann's know the cause. Just for some basic information about our food. It is an eye opener.

Good luck on your health venture. It all starts with that first step. Just DO NOT go back on Sugar and processed white foods! Please. NO CORN SYRUP. NO SODA. NO SUGAR at all or even imitation sugar. It is KILLER.

Go for organic leaf stevia. Raw organic honey. PLEASE.

Eat raw veggies and fruits. Berries. Granny Smith apples. CLEAN pure water. Supplement with iodoral/iodine, magnesium, d3 and selenium for starters.

Buy a mini trampoline and REBOUND.

Don't buy into the major marketing you read and see on tv. It is for one purpose only--Make Money For Stockholers. And give some to the FDA for good measure!!

Good health to all.

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The all three steps are really interesting and most effective steps. I would like to say thanks to you that you share this post here with us. I hope that you will continue to post here with us.

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