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Vizio? Sony? Samsung? Want 22-inch LCD

13 years ago

Returned from Costco with a $200 Vizio 220mv for use in our breakfast room (which is also our lunch and dinner room). This is 1080p LCD with LED border.

Neglected to buy a new HDMI cable, but I doubt that will help the TINNY sound. I think this will go back to Costco for that reason.

We have had Sony TV's 'forever' and like our Sony KDL40EXB, purchased from Abt in September. However, this brand and type seems very expensive in the 22-inch size. We could go slightly larger, but the room is only about 13 X 13 and the buffet where it stands is small; no wall-mounting please.

I have read that there is a glut of LCD screens and that TV prices will plummet. Have they already? Will they?

Any advice on brands and pricing? Something that SOUNDS good? We use this TV for news, etc. while at table.

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