Broke leg --so how to lose weight without exercise?


I am bedridden for 70 pounds overweight and now stuck in bed. Broke it when exercising by getting hit by dumb driver while walking outside.

Is it possible to lose any weight while in bed? Wouldn't even the best foods stick o you since you are immobile most of the time?

Anyone ever went through this? I already feel fatter!

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So, so sorry to hear you were hurt. Do you really have to be in bed? No crutches, no walker? Maybe you could talk to your doctor about what you can do to keep your muscles strong. You'll definitely have to watch what you eat since you are burning fewer calories every day. You do not want to gain weight during the time of your recouperation.

I was on crutches for a long time and got a couple of Jodi Stolove chair exercise DVD's. Sat in front of the TV and did them until I got very tired of those same faces, but it kept me moving. They are available on Amazon.

Not the best start for 2013 for you, but I commend you for being concerned about being inactive for so long. Hope that leg mends quickly.

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Get well soon,
Green tea is best for burning belly fat and loosing weight.
Stay away from junk and fast food.

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