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Any safe appetite suppressants?

16 years ago

Hello, this is my first post.

First let me say that I'm asking this because I have a lazy streak. I don't like exercising. It is very boring to me and so I never stick with it.

I recently lost 8 pounds and have put it all back on.

I can't seem to get back into the diet. I eat constantly.

I start out great and by 3:00pm it's all over.

If there was an appetite suppressant out there that was safe I could curb these insatiable cravings.

I recently ordered a product advertised and it did nothing at all. I thought it made me hungrier. I sent it back.

My cravings are of course for carbs. and sugar. I'll pick on prezels but really want potatoe chips. I don't have cookies in the house or I'd eat them. I don't have chocolate in the house either. But I will eat a diet ice cream bar for an afternoon snack to curb my cravings.

I'm sorry about the above info. I thought it would be helpful to give a glimpse into my bad eating patterns.

I started reading the labels of the products at the pharmacy and the caffeine was a deal killer. But I thought if I cut out the coffee in the morning and took a diet supplement instead it wouldn't keep me up at night.

The products advertised sound so promising. One I started to think about was Medisystem by Judy Singer. Anyone try that and have success?

I hope there is something out there because my willpower is non-existant.


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