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2008 Roll-call!

14 years ago

I think it's time to do this. It's a new year and I know I've seen lots of new names lately. Let's introduce ourselves, old and new -- you lurkers come out ya hear!

I'm Gina - you can read up about me on MyPage. Been posting here for many years. (Seven maybe?)

I love cooking because it's creative and artistic, and soul-full.

Who are you?

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  • Virginia7074
    14 years ago

    Hello everybody! I've been around since 2001, but it doesn't seem that long.

    I live in northern Virginia, in the DC metro area. Grew up on a dairy farm in northern OH and will be married to my DH for 31 years as of Tuesday. We have 2 kids in their 20's and they both still live with us. DD is finishing her AB while she works part-time and DS works for a sports team that's close by. We also have a elderly half-Bassett Hound dog, Cloud, and an Abbyssinian cat, Nellie.

    I work with middle-schoolers and computers - and the MS'ers teach me things about computers, too! DH is retired, but does volunteer work at church and in local politics.

    I love to bake and while I do like to cook, I go in "bursts." I enjoy gardening, too, but when the deer started eating my zucchini stems and cornstalks, I scaled way back. Now, I just have pots on my patio.

    I keep saying that I'm going to become really proficient at posting pictures - maybe 2008 will be the year! I'd love to post in WFD more regularly, because I've learned so much there - and all over the CF - and drooled over everyone's fabulous food.

  • diana55
    14 years ago

    Thanks Sands !!!! Yah,we love him. He's our little boy. Diana55

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    To be safe, I would stay with todays ingredients as opposed to something like flour, which was used for years, but if there is a safer and more reliable thickener for canning, it might be wise to move up to todays tested ingredients. Because flour can change density and affect other things, and even with vinegar, its still not going to remain thckened for very long. Modified food starch has many years of home and commercial use behind it. My mustard pickles were thickened with Clear Jel. They were my moms favorite. Just make sure you do not ad dteh same amount of Clear jel as it an thicken a lot more compared to flour, and the thickening happes much faster. Flour+lumps+stock=lumpy gravy with liquid seperation after refrigeration. Clear Jel+nothing+stock=a smooth gravy...
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    I'm getting in here a bit late. I'm in Spanish Springs, not quite sure if we're actually Sparks now, the city limits have been inching toward us for some time. I don't do raised beds, did years ago and when DH moved them, but didn't put them back up LOL, I gave up. This year we have our usual lots of tomatoes, so far one lonely bell pepper, some cilantro and chives, sunflowers and chard. That's it. We have so many quail and bunnies in and out of the yard everything has to be caged or else it's eaten. Even then, last year I would go out and find quail sitting on top of the tomato cages eating every leaf (and later some of the fruit) they could reach. We have our old fruit trees, but living out here we've accepted the fact that actually ending up with any fruit is a nice suprise. Last year was bad, but the year before we had lots of huge peaches. Some years we get some nice little plums, and if we're lucky we get a handful of apricots. I really don't garden that much, but I love my patio pots and my tomatoes. We always start our tomatoes from seed, and put them out in Wall O'Waters. Just before this heat spell we're in, we uncovered them. Funny as we had a touch of frost damage just a couple of weeks before, the tops of two of my Early Girls froze. All the tomatoes look OK now, we have little fruit on the Yellow Currant but yesterday I didn't see any other tomato with fruit set on yet. Some years I can get tomatoes in June, this year I'll get at least the Yellow Currants by early June. We also have a little fish pond at the patio, I do a little water gardening, cat tails, mint, and water lilies that come back up every year. Sometimes I buy a bog plant but I don't have much luck keeping them over the winter. Oh, we also have lots of hen and chicks. I like to have them in pots with other things, right now I have them with petunias, daisies, chives (which are blooming and gorgeous right now), and we also have several potted clematis, three of them blooming right now.
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    Hey, what a fun thread! I have only been visiting this forum for about 3 months or so, originally getting into Garden Web through the Canning forum. My name really is Rachel, and Ellen is my middle name. I am 47, married for a year and a husband is 47 as well, and it is the first marriage for us both. Slow starters. ;D No kids. At the moment we have 2 cats, an old grumpus of a male and a sprightly, mischievous kitten (almost cat), having lost my 21 year old Suzu Badcat last winter. We have also recently acquired Outdoorcat, whom I started feeding when someone moved away and left him. I can't bring him in because the old grumpus would have a fit having another male cat in the I'm currently looking for a home for him. I have been cooking since I could manage pouring things into a bowl. My mother was a truly horrible cook, but I bless her for teaching me the basics so that I was at least not intimidated by cooking. I moved in with a Chinese family for about 6 months when I was 17, and that started my life long love for and fascination with ethnic foods. I am an eclectic husband never really knows what I might put in front of him, luckily he's wonderfully open minded and willing to try new things. I learned the basics of Chinese cooking from that family and kept going from there. I had many Japanese friends as a teen and learned a bit from their mothers, and then worked in a Japanese restaurant for 8 years and learned a lot more. I was born in Southern Maine, but lived most of my life in the San Francisco Bay Area. When I decided that I would like to some day move to a more rural area, I realized that what I'd miss most was the variety of foods available. So, I started to teach myself to cook the foods of India, and have gained sufficiency enough to slake my desire for dals and curries and their lovely vegetable salads and sambhars when the mood strikes as I now do live in the Central valley...many Mexican restaurants, a few Chinese, and lots of burgers. My latest project is to learn Thai, but I've just started that. In addition, I dabble with various African and European cuisines, and of course, there is always good old American food! I bake for other people (I don't care for sweets as a general rule) can lots of jams,marmalades, relishes, and pickles. I have a real passion for vegetables, but am too much a carnivore to give up meat...though if I had to make a choice I'd rather do without the meat than do without the vegetables. I was in the restaurant business most of my adult life, going from waitress to head waitress to manager in a foo-foo fancy restaurant (after the Japanese place) where the chef often hit me up for menu ideas...the menu changed every month, and he got tired of thinking up new things. We'd toss ideas around and get into arguments about what was feasible and what would sell, but we had fun and he was always good about giving me credit when he used my ideas or recipes. Now I'm in business with my husband, and mostly just cook for us. When my cabinets got filled with all my spices, various grains, legumes, flours, rices etc., my sweet husband built me a whole pantry worth of shelves in the garage...which are now full...dunno what the heck we'll do now. :O The problem with multi-ethnic cooking is that you have to have SO MANY ingredients on hand! I love this forum because very few of my friends even know how to cook, let alone have a passion for it, and I can see that many here do. I am also very impressed by how positive, encouraging and helpful all the posters are. With cooking, there is always more to learn and no matter how accomplished you are, there is always someone who can teach you something. And, no matter how experienced a cook or how inexperienced, burnt carrots are burnt carrots and cursing under your breath at the botched mess in a pan before you throw it out and make sandwiches for dinner is sometimes really therapeutic lol. One of my biggest cooking problems is that I very rarely follow a recipe fact, I generally use them as sort of an "outline" to what I end up doing. Or, I do a lot of just throwing things together because they sound good. So when someone asks me for a recipe, I'm at a loss. Also, we have a running joke, my husband and I, that if he really loves a dish I make, he'd better savor every bite as it will never taste exactly the same again! Lately, I have started trying to write down what I'm doing as I do it with mixed success. Anyhow, nice to meet y'all!
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    slc2053- The picture you saw made it look like the fridge was in the other corner, but it's not. My kitchen is very small and I can show it to you in the 3 photos below. The new kitchen will have the same layout with only a few minor changes. We are shifting the sink a few inches to the left, shifting the stove a few inches to the left, and adding a wider base cab to the right of the stove and adding a wall cab above it. Between the stove and the pantry, there is an opening leading to the dining room. The other picture you saw did not show this opening or the pantry.
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  • ritaotay
    14 years ago

    My life pales in comparison...

    Ok, I actually joined GW back before you had to pay to post but forgot my password ( stored on computer and it crashed ) but the Computer Forum was my first, after a while of just lurking... I floated around the other forums a bit but once I found the Cooking Forum I knew I was HOME... I consider all of you MY real family, since most of my birth family and hubby's family only knows me when they want something... lol

    Lived my entire 64 years in the metro Detroit area... In the past I have worked at dime stores, restaurants, as a switchboard operator, at a seasoning plant, and my longest job was at Michigan Bell as a Switch Room Helper where I had the pleasure of hooking up and disconnecting phone lines in a central office... Great job, fantastic pay but lousy politics.

    Married for 42 long years ( to the only male in my area ) with the last 8 months being the longest... No kids ( can't afford them.. lol )... I am currently a semi-caregiver to my hubby since he broke his hip, had a heart attack and two strokes... TAKE YOUR BLOOD PRESSURE AND CHOLESTEROL MEDS!

    I've always loved to cook and bake for people who love to eat especially for a crowd, you can always find a person or two who loves your cooking in a crowd...

    That's it for now, been playing with this post for almost 3 hours... lol


  • pkguy
    14 years ago

    Geeze have I been on this thing since early 2002? I'm still awaiting that refund for having to pay those two years LOL .

    Well I'm back home in Sarnia after 30+ years just up the river 60 miles from Rita in Detroit.

  • partst
    14 years ago

    Hi all.
    I'm Claudia I found the kitchen forum when we bought a older home and started what has turned into a 5 year remodel. The kitchen is almost done. At least I can see a light at the end of the tunnel. We live in a very small resort town in the Kern River Valley 60 miles up the Kern River from Bakersfield, Ca. And believe it or not it's snowing right now. Not the kind of snow some of you get but snow.

    Married 27 years to the only perfect man I have ever known. Have a grown daughter and 22 year old grandson. I always thought I was a pretty good cook until I came here and you all have shown me so much I didn't know. I love to bake and have been baking the same carrot cake from a recipe I got from my 7th grade cooking teacher in 1957.

    Before we moved up to the Valley I worked for Disney in Burbank as an accountant but that was over 20 years ago so at this point in my life I am totally unemployable and that's the way I like it. DH is thinking about retiring in the next few years and we are looking forward to some traveling. He comes in every night and asks what is happening with all the gals on the forum and what have they come up with for dimmer.

    It's been a pleasure meeting all of you,


  • chancesmom
    14 years ago

    Goodmorning everyone!

    I am Janet, way up in northern Ontario, in Thunder Bay. I have been a round for over 2 years, maybe 3?? I love to cook, now mostly on weekends as I work fulltime. My DH and I have one daughter, almost 7, and 2 dogs. (1 a yorkie, one a mutt) I am not here as much as I used to be and would like to, but check in briefly often. I love swaps and meeting (face to face) folks from the forum. (Hi Sharon and Linda!)

  • LinLee
    14 years ago

    Hello all,
    I'm a Michigan lurker who has very rarely had to come out of my cave for the occasional food emergency question.
    By the way, thanks. :)

  • jillq
    14 years ago

    Hi everyone. I started on the kitchen forum in 2005 under another name before I considered a trip to Disney. That forum was responsible for my amazing kitchen remodel which I just love. I then migrated over here and love all the recipes/ advice I have been given. You all helped me cater a 50th birthday party for my husband for 50 people. I do more lurking than posting but check in most days. I especially love to bake and am improving my cooking with your help.

    I am 50 and live in southwestern Connecticut with my DH. We have a 20 year old daughter away at school in Atlanta and an 18 year old son away at school in Chicago. (We have been doing a lot of traveling recently) I am a doctor and I work in the Bronx so I spend a lot of time commuting.

    Thank you all for your wonderful help. It's very nice to "meet you."


  • maxmom96
    14 years ago

    You all are just such interesting people!

    I've been meeting you for coffee every morning for several years, but tend to lurk as I don't really cook much anymore.
    I discovered this forum via the lilies forum as I try to grow a few Orientals and Asiatics. I also tune into the reading forum daily as reading is a passion of mine.

    I'm a 71 year old widow, born in Cleveland, Ohio, moved to Ann Arbor for 10 years, before being dragged to Alabama. I HATE grits and greens! I have two unmarried sons in their 30's who don't live near me. They've both become pretty good cooks, so some lucky gals should keep their eyes open for them.

    When I needed to cook, when my family was young, I didn't really like doing it. Now that I have the time, I find I'd like to bake, but have no one to share it with. It is difficult to do much in the kitchen however, because I have a teenage Polish Lowland Sheepdog who tends to steal anything he can get stretch his paw out far enough to get off the counter, towels, recipes, wooden spoons, etc. On one occasion I had most of the remains of Ann T's cream cheese danish on the cutting board on the counter. You guessed it: when I returned from a short trip nothing looked as if it had been disturbed except the danish was gone. No crumbs, no mess, and no remorse. A sociopath dog. . . or just one with extremely good taste.

    Thank you friends, for being there each morning.


  • maiaa
    14 years ago

    Claudia (partst), where exactly are you? I grew up in Ridgecrest . . . I never seem to run into anyone who is from anywhere around there. I spent my summers waterskiing on Lake Isabella, and intertubing down the Kern.

    Enjoy your snow!

  • adoptedbygreyhounds
    14 years ago

    Kiko, what an adorable face you have!

    My kitchen was completed about two years ago and I still lurk in the kitchen forum. That is how I found the cooking forum.

    We are empty nesters. I enjoy cooking so much more now than when I had fix dinner and get it on the table between band practice and ballet rehearsal!

    I enjoy reading, traveling, bird-watching, various kinds of needlework and beading. I expecially enjoy it when the entire family is here with assorted spouses and girl or boyfriends.

  • denise8101214
    14 years ago


    I'm Denise in southern California, originally from upstate NY and Massachusetts.

    Tomorrow, our youngest turns 13, and I will be the mother of 4 teenagers. Yikes!

    They have enjoyed the many recipes I've learned here, most recently, and especially, wizardnm's Asian Marinade. Yum! I think it was Shaun's comment though (here kitty, kitty) that got me to try it.

  • sheesh
    14 years ago

    I'm Sherry, age 60, currently from Milwaukee county, but born and raised in Chicago and northern Ill. I sometimes post here, "know" a lot of you and love your good ideas! I have a reputation for being a good cook and have a lot of "specialties of the house," but my secret is I cook the things I know my friends and family like to eat!

    We will be married 40 years in May, have 6 kids, ages 38 to 23 (youngest is in her last semester of college - Whew!), 5 grands between 8 mos and 4 1/2 years. We get to be together frequently and loved almost every minute of raising our kids. They're a lovely bunch of coconuts!

    Hub and I retired two and a half years ago because of major health issues. Well, he retired from journalism, I left a job I loved. Now he's writing for pleasure and I am loving cooking, sewing clothing for GKs who don't need a thing and professional daughters who humor me, gardening and being central to our family. We're freezing here right now, and Hub is longing for the home he grew up in in SE Ariz. I think I'll go make a big pot of soup. If we're lucky, somebody will come for dinner.


  • partst
    14 years ago


    We are a couple blocks from down town Kernville. Built a house in Bodfish in the early 80's after moving up here from the San Fernando Valley. But have had a house in the Valley since the early 60's. Love it here. Lake Isabella has 2 stop signs now just like a real town. Still no sidewalks though. Walker Pass is closed this morning but the canyon is open. Our snow is gone and the sun is out.


  • ohiomom
    14 years ago

    Nancy (maxmom), how long did you live in Cleveland ? I was born at St. John's Hospital on Detroit Avenue (now closed).

    My mother came here with her family when she was 3 years old, she actually watched the construction of the Terminal Tower downtown :) Dad migrated here from Knoxville, Tn during the depression, was a Merchant Marine on the Great Lakes, later a Cleveland Homocide Detective.


  • vacuumfreak
    14 years ago

    My name is Bobby and I am a 24 year old Florida native (though not proud of it). I live in Orlando... I've been in my own apartment for a year and a half now. In that time, I've made a lot of awful food... and turned out a few things that were also edible and presentable. I actually enjoy making bad food, it provides humor and gives me something to talk about here! I've been regularly posting on the Cooking forum for just over a year now. I started on the cleaning tips forum back when I was 17... the left when they started "charging admission". Came back to find that it was free again and haven't left yet! I also peek in on the pets forum and lurk at hot topics and the sewing forum every now and again. The people here on the cooking forum are amazing. I've been on the other forums and it just isn't the same! We all come because of our passion for food, but we stay because of the friends we find. The people here are caring, wise, funny... as a bonus they know a thing or two about food. What could be better? I've never met any CF members, but who knows what the future holds. I've NEVER been on plane before and am not enthralled about the idea so I'd have to meet them here grow some guts (for lack of a better word). Maybe one day I'll be bold enough to participate in a swap.

    I enjoy baking and playing with kitchen gadgets. I joke that my Kitchen Aid mixer is what inspired my passion for baking. I try not to make something if it doesn't require a gadget of some kind. I don't love cooking as much as baking, but I do it when I'm sick of quick foods. I love sharing food with people.

    I also collect antique vacuum cleaners as a hobby, and much to my suprise am in good company on this forum... there are a couple other people here with the same passion!

    I'm single and happy that way for now... I enjoy being by myself and I find that men and the whole dating process annoy me to no end. For now I need to concentrate on myself and finishing school (I'm an eternal off and on student who can't decided whether to major in nursing or radiography). I share my apartment with my family of felines. I have a 2 year old tabby named Jasper who is sweet and smart and affectionate and never gets into trouble. Then I have two 4 months old sisters that I regret taking off the street at the end of last year... they annoy me and ruin my things. They are about 2 steps away from going to the shelter where I should have taken them in the first place. That's all I can think of for now!

    Welcome to all the new people! It is nice to see new "faces" and to be reminded about the regulars.

  • lori316
    14 years ago

    Guess I'm next.

    A free prize to the first person who can guess my real name.

    Not sure how long I've been posting, but I know I used to pay and I lurked forever before that. I remember Spike. For the newbies, this site used to be maintained by a person (guy?) named Spike and if you ticked him off, you got booted from the site and weren't able to participate anymore. Anytime you tried to get to this site, the Disney website would come up. It was referred to as "getting Disneyed" or being "sent to the teacups."

    I came to the cooking forums like many others, from the kitchen remodeling forum. I also used to hang out at baths, remodeling, home decorating, old homes, etc.

    I really came here because of my love of baking, but I'm actually learning to be a decent cook because of this site. I definitely take more from the site than I give, but nobody has kicked me out because I don't have too many good recipes of my own to share.

    I am a new widow (six weeks tomorrow - not that anybody is counting). I'm 40 yrs old and I have three amazing children, 6, 12, and 15, who keep me very busy with sports and other activities. I also have two adult step-children that I can't imagine life without. With all due respect to their mom, I love them as if they were my own. They are my saviors, along with this website. I'm the luckiest mom/stepmom in the world as far as kids go.

    The CF has the most amazing group of people. If you are a lurker, COME OUT! I've met several other members in person, but I feel like I know so many more as close friends. They have held my hand and given me virtual hugs in the darkest days of my life.

    They have put up with my questions about basic cooking and given me confidence to improve. They've given me advice on bread, chicken, gadgets, and life in general, just to name a few things. They have lol'd at my bad jokes, wished me happy birthday every year and celebrated my children's milestones.

    Best place on the 'net. I love you guys!

  • flamingo1121
    14 years ago

    Lori, I can but do you really want me to post it. It will be our secret. You sound better today than you did yesterday on the conversation side.

    Wish I was around for that Spike guy...amazing stories! He won't be allow back right? Maybe he got permanently "Disneyed" and is stuck twirling in those nausiating thats a visual.

    Lori, we love you too!


  • shaun
    14 years ago

    Heidi! hahaha!! Weeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

  • rob333 (zone 7a)
    14 years ago

    I'm a middle child. Neither a lurker nor consistent poster; not a newbie, but not around since the pyramids were built; not a professional chef, but don't prepare prepackaged frozen meals (not that there's anything wrong with that!) either. I've been married 8 1/2 years to tall, dark, and handsome (he looks like the "good looking" Shrek and acts like him too), have a gorgeous, charming, brilliant son whom I dote on like a grandchild. Sorry! God only gave me one, so I have to put it all into him!!! Work hard, play hard, remodeling a home I live in, finishing my undergraduate degree (finish May 2009) and if I survive it all, might get my garden back up and running in spring so that I can have fresh herbs and tomatoes (not enough space for more living in the city).

    -Robin (a female who goes by the name "Rob" among friends)

  • lowspark
    14 years ago

    I'm not even halfway through reading this but I'll post then go back & read.

    I'm another immigrant from Kitchens, my remodel was completed in Nov 04 and the transition to cooking was natural. This is a great group and I love being here. I've been to two CF get togethers (and several KF gatherings) and have really enjoyed meeting everyone.

    I'm a native Houstonian and have lived in Houston all of my life. My older son is a freshman at Columbia (and has tickets to Letterman tonight!!!) and my younger son graduates high school this May. Both love to cook and so do I. I also love to bake but don't do much of it because who's gonna eat all that? (me)

    I read more than I post and have gleaned many a good idea/recipe from here. I'm proud to consider some of the folks here as real friends. Welcome to all the new faces!

  • dedtired
    14 years ago

    Well, I already wrote one of the longer autobiographies on this thread, but I need to add another thing. Yes, I too was Disneyed -- sent to the teacups. It was quite a shock to log onto THS and end up in Disney. I bet the visits to the Disney web site increased while Spike was around. I had to re-register and change my screen name until I figured out that my "disneyfication" was linked to my email address. Once I changed that, I could be Dedtired again.

    If I try to use my regular email address on my membership, I still get booted out! Here's the kicker -- I have no idea what I did to be banished. Maybe I misspelled duck or luck.

  • daria
    14 years ago

    I'm an occasional visitor and occasional poster. I joined Gardenweb a couple of years ago when I started my first garden at my first house and realized that the internet has an amazing world of helpful people, at least at this forum. I'm 34, a web developer, and lived in apartments until 2004. My parents did a lot of gardening and canning and I did a lot of helping, so I'm not exactly a newbie, but I'm glad to be learning and experimenting in my garden (and kitchen) on my own. I rarely feel nervous about sharing opinions or ideas at Gardenweb, which is great.

    I found the Cooking forum sometime last year; I frequent the Harvest forum but when I'm not canning I am cooking so this was a natural progression. I really like this forum for learning new recipes and just generally being entertained. Everyone here is so nice!

  • magothyrivergirl
    14 years ago

    I also live in Maryland - have a 5 year old Dachshund ( had an adopted greyhound for 14 years prior -the sweetest dog in the world!). We are empty nesters. We have been renovating this house for the last 7 years (my FP is getting tiled as I type -Yea!) I also found GW when researching washers - have mostly lurked for alot of years until a year ago(?) when the guilt of some construction knowledge got the best of me and I could actually contribute something beneficial - since I have learned so much from GW. Most of the forums I had visited have been the construction related and decorating forums thru the years - then I found the gardening forum & then the cooking forum!!! Finally the fun - just for enjoyment place! The people here are so nice & so much talent! I wish I had the time to contribute more as I am always late to the party! I own my own business and this forum is a nice break in my day - and I thank you for all the recipes, pictures, and humor.

  • susie_que
    14 years ago

    Thank you Gina!!

    I am Susie_Que or just Susie.
    I live in Philadelphia with husband Frank, son Andrew (dd Amy lives away at school for now)a rottie named Wendy (who is sick now) and a dalmaten named Gretchen. Timmie, Spice Cat and baby Blu round our our furbabies.

    I have been here a VERY long time. Probably from conception...who knows??

    Been MIA from time to time with either computer issues or just life but always feel welcome when I return.

    I work part time at a supermarket doing good ole customer service and most recently cooking demos LOL!!

    My cooking style is very artistic...meaning I seldom follow a recipe per say. I generally follow it the first go round and adjust as I go along.
    Because of my recipe ADD I tend to avoid baking at all cost although freinds say I do a good just doesn't bring me the joy that cooking does.

    I enjoy the swaps and the gatherings and I hope to participate in many more in the future!!

    Who's Next?????


  • disneyginger
    14 years ago

    Where is Linda and a glass of scotch? I've been gone a long time to Disney. Spike didn't like me!

    Cannot believe Spike is gone! And, my account.. ah.. was.. ah.. terminated!

    Anyone remember me? GINGER? The idiot who actually was stupid enough to ask WHY we were paying to use the sites on some forums and not the others?

    Oh.. he got miffed at me!

    But, I am alive. He only killed me off and sent my cyber soul to Disneyland!

    I was around.. oh my heaven.. like back in 2000.. to death did us part with a Spike in my heart! Ha!

    Since then, I've lurked when I needed a recipe and missed several people.. especially Linda, because back then, we both tipped the scotch bottle from time to time!

    Oh, my OLD NAME was.. MenoGinger!

  • cloudy_christine
    14 years ago

    Boy, there sure are a lot of us!
    I started on the garden side many many years ago, then was an obsessive on the kitchen forum. I came here when my kitchen was finished in 2003. I live with my husband in southeastern Pennsylvania. We have a grown-up son and daughter. I'm more enthusiastic about baking than cooking, mostly because I want to eat breads and cakes more than meat and potatoes. One of my New Year's resolutions is to make two new recipes a week. I've saved so many wonderful-sounding recipes from the forum! Then there are my 500 recipes saved on Epicurious...
    I've been to two forum get-togethers and really enjoyed meeting the people. Looking forward to more.

  • pkguy
    14 years ago

    I do remember you and that episode Ginger, I just don't remember what year it was now. Must have been around what 2003-4?

  • disneyginger
    14 years ago

    I think I got slammed out of town to the teacups in 2001.. Before that, I have been on the site since 1999. How do I know? I just searched myself! LOL And, I found me!

    That makes sense to me. I remember that I joined here looking for recipes for a reception we were having, and it was in the early fall of 1999.

    What have I been doing since then? This is an easy answer. I have been spending my husband's hard earned money and he is happier than ever that I do!

    Now that I know Spike is gone, where did he go? Disneyland by chance? Is there some karma involved in his disappearance? LOL

  • suzanniep
    14 years ago

    Hi all! my name is Suzanne and I am a real newbie poster.
    I have been an over the shoulder lurker via my husband Michael P, listening to his stories about you and sharing the recipes he found on this site.
    I was born in Brooklyn but have lived in the Pacific NW since '82. We are blessed to live in this area, 30 miles from Seattle, near to Vancouver B.C. with access to many ethnic food stores. I have always enjoyed cooking and started when I was just a girl. My favorite foods are coffee, Italian, and chocolate. Our son is also an excellent cook and most Sundays he and his family come over and we all cook together. I have been a barista for 14 years but when we got out of the biz I went back to school and now I am an esthetician. Check out our kitchen on my website! I am glad to meet you all.

  • Gina_W
    Original Author
    14 years ago

    Spike was the owner of Gardenweb. He sold it to iVillage and they sold it to NBC.

  • dgkritch
    14 years ago

    Hi maiaa!

    So sorry I forgot to include on my list of forum members I've been lucky enough to meet.

    How's your pathway past the plum tree coming along?? :+)


  • suzanniep
    14 years ago

    Oops, my kitchen photos are hard to find. here is a link

    Here is a link that might be useful: my kitchen pics

  • nandina
    14 years ago

    Seldom post on this Forum but check it every day. Cooking is my passion. A big thank you to everyone for the winning recipes you take the time to post and explain. I am always looking for new ideas and food combinations. I can count on this Forum to provide both.

  • chase_gw
    14 years ago

    Suzann welcome! I do believe you and Michael are the first spousal team to post! Way fun!

    Welcome everyone, please jump in it's what keeps the forum fresh and fun!

  • Kay
    14 years ago

    Hi Everybody,
    I live in Minnesota in the Twin Cities. We're almost empty-nesters, but our youngest is still here most weekends. I found the Kitchen Forum when we remodeled a few years ago,and so from there I had to check out the Cooking Forum. I lurk some but don't post very often. I love how people here are so helpful and knowledgeable. I enjoy cooking and trying new recipes, but unfortunately, since I'm trying to lose a little weight, I'm holding back on some of the richer stuff.

    Right now I'm perusing a cookbook from the library called "America's Best Lost Recipes." It's got some old-time recipes and some unusual family recipes that have been passed down -- several look good: Just Chicken Pie, Hot Milk Cake, and HEY, I just realized that well over half of this cookbook is desserts and sweet breads. Anyway, I thought some of you folks might enjoy it.

  • nannc
    14 years ago

    I have no idea when I discovered GardenWeb..but lurked for many years. I remember Spike..and the cost was what kept me from posting. Then came IVillage, and free posting. Whoopee! Of course then I found I had nothing to say.

    To whomever it was that lives near Eugene, I was born and lived there for 40-some years. Moved to Portland after a divorce and then migrated to North Carolina. One grown son, a 19-year old GD and 7-year old GS, the whole family still in Oregon. TOO far away, though I get to visit every couple of years.

    I don't really enjoy gardening, but like the results. I like to cook, and enjoy trying adventurous recipes. DH really doesn't care what he eats, so like someone else said..he's no fun at all. I used to sew my own entire wardrobe (taught by Mom when I was 12) except for underwear, and have given that up since I no longer need business wear.

    In past episodes of life I have worked in TV, trained horses, worked in a hospital (hated it!), and been company "voice"(customer service and sales) for a radon testing company. Right now I'm just trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up.

    Been married 20 years (3rd time's the charm) and live in a rural environment much like the one I loved growing up.

  • velodoug
    14 years ago

    I found GW in 2003 when DW and I were planning to remodel the kitchen of our little 1915 urban farmhouse on the Jersey Shore and I Google'd Corian. We recently completed the kitchen with a lot of help from the folks on the Kitchens and Appliances forums. The only other GW forum regularly mentioned by the participants on those forums was Cooking. I stopped by and have been mostly just reading since.

    I've been cooking for almost 60 years, starting with cakes my mother and I would bake together and she would let me frost. I was about 5 years old. My favorite activity in Cub Scouts and later in Boy Scouts was outdoor cooking. I wonder how many other kids asked for a Sterno stove for Christmas. I stayed behind in New York when my parents moved to California during my senior year of high school, and I've prepared most of the meals I've eaten since then.

    Food-related jobs in my resume include delivering Good Humor ice cream to the pushcart salesmen in Central Park, washing dishes in a Chinese restaurant and, currently, working part time for a caterer.

    My cooking is fairly basic. DS gave me a cookbook of dishes with just five ingredients and I thought some of them looked too complicated and cut the ingredients list even further. The original recipe for the spice rub I used on tonight's salmon had eight ingredients. I've simplified it to just cumin, coriander, brown sugar and salt. I served it with plain basmati rice and frozen cut leaf spinach with a big dollop of butter, and that's a pretty typical menu here.


  • namabafo
    14 years ago

    I used to be a regular on Kitchens and they were always talking about Cooking. I wandered through here a few times, but only started posting in earnest right before Christmas.

    I *love* to bake but my picky family takes the joy out of cooking, unfortunately. (my 14 yo told me that my chicken was "too tender" last night!?!?!?!)

    I've already tried many recipes (Ann's Sticky Toffee Pudding was huge hit at bookclub!) and look forward to finding many more

    another Nancy

  • andi_2006
    14 years ago

    I am another convert from Kitchens to Cooking - I registered in 2006. I have been very absent lately from CF due to work and life issues - I sell stainless steel and aluminum by day as my profession. In between that, I am a caretaker for my 83 year old DM, renovating 2 rental duplexes, playing some golf, winter gardening, wanting to use the fishing boat (that we never have time to use- DH starts the motor once a month! ) and training for a marathon in April. My days are filled!!

    Baking is my favorite thing to do in the kitchen...I grew up baking with my grandmother in my early years and love, love, love to bake! I do a lot of canning (jams, chutneys and preserves) during our winter season when the fruits and veggies are at their peak.

    I have enjoyed many recipes posted on the CF - thank you everyone for sharing! Just wish I could check in more often and hope to do so in the future.


  • trudymom
    14 years ago

    I'm Trudy, I love to cook and bake. I have learned so many new recipes and tips from all of you. You all are wonderful!

  • lindac
    14 years ago

    OMG!! Menoginger...the evil one is back!! LOL!!
    Glad to see you!! Hope you are over the meno by now!! LOL!

    Spike came out smellin' like a rose I believe...
    I once spent a weekend at a forum get together with Spike....and have the pictures to prove it!!

    Twist my arm!!
    Linda C

  • shambo
    14 years ago

    Prairie Love, that is a weird set of coincidences. I am an only child, so I wish I did have a sister.

  • donnar57
    14 years ago

    It's nice to meet everybody here!

    I'm one of the newbies here - started on the KF this past summer and migrated this way once the kitchen was done. Married almost 30 years to a man who now has to eat healthier because of his heart attack. We have two daughters - one will graduate from college with her Bachelors in Music Education, this May. The other will finish at the local community college, also in May, and states that she is done with school then. I'm an elementary Music Specialist.

    Both of us are Midwesterners by birth and at heart - DH is from central Missouri, and I'm originally from the south suburbs of Chicago. But we've been in San Diego County for the last 27 years (with a two year "stop out" in Adak, AK!).

    While I'm new to GW and the CF, I'm not new to the Internet or to messaging. I was a sysop and moderator of forums on FidoNet throughout the 1990s, and have been on the Internet for more than 10 years. I now run a website for fans of the 1960's TV show, I Dream of Jeannie.

    Spike doesn't sound like a very fair moderator/webmaster. If I had to be sent somewhere in Disney, let me be sent to the Blue Bayou Restaurant. :-)


  • scott55405
    14 years ago

    My, I can't believe how long this thread is and that I just read the whole thing, LOL.

    My name is Scott (55405 was my zip code when I registered and it's my most used computer name even now, thousands of miles away!) and I have been here since maybe 2000 or so. I used to go to kitchens and appliances and cleaning tips and what not but haven't done that in a long time. I sort of totter in and out of here and am around enough that people generally remember me, LOL.

    I am 46 years old and am a law firm support person. After a lifetime living in the twin cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul Minnesota and surrounding suburbs, I moved to sunny (well not today, but usually) southern California in September 2005 and have never looked back. We had our first cold/dusting of snow/slippery day in December 2004, I had to go to work and deal with it and just like that I said "I'm done with this" and began planning my escape. I now realize how miserable I was there, and while I should have done something about it long ago, I focus on how happy I am that I did rather than what coulda/shoulda been.

    I've had the pleasure of meeting many members particularly since coming to California (and I see there are far more SoCal members than I ever realized that hopefully will perhaps consider an appearance at some future gathering) and enjoy many others online, where I have collected my great ideas and recipes. I am adept for the most part at cooking and baking, though I enjoy baking far more, and while I would have considered it a sacrilege even a few years ago, I'd gladly relinquish much of the cooking part to a partner who enjoyed it, should a situation like that arise in the future.

  • netla
    14 years ago

    I'm Netla, but you may also see me addressed as Jo, which is the very short form of my real name. I am Icelandic and live in Reykjavík (which feels more like the North Pole at the moment).

    I have been registered here since 2002, but I think I discovered this forum at least a couple of years earlier - maybe as much as 4 years (I seem to remember I was posting when I lived up north in Skagafjörður, and that was before 2001).

    I am going through my collection of cookbooks and cooking at least one new recipe from one of them once a week. It's going to take me a couple of years, but it it does give me an excellent opportunity to cull the collection down to the ones I actually use and the ones I like to read.

  • lisacdm
    14 years ago

    I'm Lisa, I usually just lurk. I started off a while ago in the garden section, migrated to kitchens and now depending on the time of year, frequent cooking, roses, tomatoes and the harvest forum.
    I live in NJ with my husband, 3 daughters, 2 cats and 1 dog.

  • Linda Mathewson
    14 years ago

    I've lurked here for years, occasionally posted. IÂm a former culinary school grad  but I've been out of the business a long time. I love to cook and bake. I live in Connecticut with my beautiful cat.

  • pat_t
    14 years ago

    Wow - I've been busy for about a week and see what I missed?

    I'm Pat (big surprise), 46, recently endured a VERY nasty divorce and I have one 7-year-old daughter. I live in NW Florida, Panama City to be exact. Lived here my entire life. Two years ago I had weight loss surgery, ended up septic, almost died, but made it back from the edge and am doing fine physically now.

    Due to unforeseen circumstances, mitigated by my EX, I lost my job with the Navy of 20 years last June. I am now a full-time Culinary student and am loving it. I live with my 85-year-old Mom and she is loving all the food she's being exposed to now.

    I think I came over here in 2002 - don't remember who, but someone posted on another forum I'm a member of and I followed their link and have been here ever since. Even when you had to pay to post.

    I'm particularly drawn to all the wonderful photos that are posted on this forum. It is so true that we eat with our eyes first, then our noses, and lastly our mouths!

  • becky_ca
    14 years ago

    I was curious when I saw this post as to how long I've been hanging around - my page says November, 2001, but I think it's actually longer than that. I know at one point I paid for at least a year's membership. I found this board via the craft forum, although I hardly ever go there anymore.

    I live in Lompoc, CA which is smack dab in the middle of the Central Coast - halfway between San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara. We moved here about three years ago due to a job change for my DH, after having lived in Sonoma County in Northern California for most of our lives. It was quite a change, and there's been some adjusting to make, but overall it was a good move for us. And I guess I can't complain about moving from one wine country area to another :-)

    Between us we have five children, ranging in age from 13-26, although thankfully they're all on their own now except for our 13yo son. No empty nest problem here LOL. Both of my stepdaughters got married last summer, so I suppose it's only a matter of time before we get our first grandbabies :-)

    My passions are cooking and quilting - I love to try new recipes, and I've gotten lots of good ones from here. At one point I thought I might have a second career in the Culinary Arts (my first was in Mortgage Banking for over 20 years), but I quickly came to the conclusion that nobody should have to work that hard, and I wanted cooking to be fun, not a job. But I did end up with great knife skills LOL.

    My other passion is quilting - I finally have the time to pursue that interest, and I love it! I'm involved with my local Guild, and spend a fair amount of time making quilts to be donated to local cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy treatments. I had a breast cancer scare myself last year, so I'm thankful that I'm able to give something to people who are in need of some comfort.

    This got quite a bit longer than I intended - it's surprising how much you can find to say when you really intended to keep it brief :-)


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