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Mother of the Bride Dress New Thread

10 years ago

Hi- I know there was at least one other thread about mother of the bride but I would like to focus mainly on the dress (because I am shallow like that. not really:).
Let me just start by saying I am thrilled to be in this position.

The wedding is in August' a Sunday afternoon at the groom's mother's home/backyard. It is going to be LARGE, and I need to find a dress. I started looking online and I did go one day just to try on to see how things look
What do you think of this one?
I like that it does not feature a frumpy or matronly looking lady- I guess I am asking if I try it on again and its a go, For what it's worth, I am 60, and am probably a size 12 or 14.what do you think? It;s also VERY reasonably priced.
Actually I have tried to upload the image but for some reason it's really really hazy.
Here is the link...

Here is a link that might be useful: here's hoping

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