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Black Mold in Attic...Help!

13 years ago

Discovered a bit of black mold in the attic or rather some black spots on the interior roof sheathing. I also discovered that the bathroom exhaust vent ducts were laying on the attic floor and not connected to the dampers on the roof. I am first going to connect them properly but my next step will have to be dealing with the mold.

We have a one year old and I don't want to leave anything to chance. What does it cost to have mold remediated? What are the proper steps here? I also had not been in the attic since the inspection so it was about a year before discovering this. Will I have to tear down the new 30 year roof and replace? Will I have to replace all of the insulation? To compound the problem the attic flooring in insulated with loose blown-in fill insulation. I have homeowners insurance...what are my options here?


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