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Strong Odor/Smell in Home

10 years ago

I bought a 10 year old home that had complete new flooring and new paint. At first I thought the odor was just the off gassing on the new flooring/paint, but it has been 8 months now and the smell is just as strong. I cant quite describe the is not a wet/mold smell, not urine, not smoke. I says it is a dry/chemically smell I guess. The home is in a very dry climate with no obvious water damage. The people renting the home before we bought it were smokers, but we have been told they were mostly outside. Again, the smell does seems like smoke to me or the people I have come in to help me determine what it is.

I have had the vents and furnace professional cleaned, the carpets cleaned and added a new fresh air system to bring outdoor air in. I have had a carpet preofessional come in and look to make sure the carpet pad had been replaced. I had an smoke restoration company come in and run a ozone machine in the home for about 6 hours. I had an air blower test done on the home to make sure we didn't have any leaks in the home. I am at a loss for what this can be!

Does anyone have any suggestions? Similar experiences? I am too the point of thinking I should repaint the entire house with Kilz and then regular paint. Maybe even replacing all the carpet and vinyl floors. I am just not convinced this will help either and I am ruuning out of funds to do so. Help!

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