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Does anyone wear a bathing cap anymore

10 years ago

I don't think I've seen one since I was little.

We have an indoor pool, which I always imagined I would swim in every day, and be terribly fit, like the PO. I don't and I'm not.

For some reason I still don't quite get, while our furnace is running overtime in the very frigid weather we've had, the residual heat from running the furnace is heating the pool. Usually we keep it at 82-84, and the room temp is about 80 (a heat exchanger, plus a Dectron to remove humidity, whatever all that means). The last week the water temperature has been 95!

It almost sounds too hot, doesn' it? Well, no it is lovely. I have been swimming every day.

Now the question. I highlight my hair. If I swim everyday, I think it'll be bad for the color. Do people wear bathing caps? Do they make better ones? What about the various products you can put in your hair? Will they leave a layer of film on my pool?

The pool has very low Chlorine; you never smell in anywhere in the house, and very rarely in the actual pool area. You don't need much when it is for just one family, and since it is inside you aren't getting animal or bird visits or leaves etc...

But still, it can't be good for hair. If you swim regularly, what do you do about your hair?


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