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Planning vs. Reality

8 years ago

Just musing . . .

Tomorrow the installer's coming to pull out my problematic bathtub and replace it with a nice, walk-in shower. We just bought tile for this purpose, and that's got me thinking about planning vs. reality.

When you're planning, it's so easy to say, "Oh, let's enlarge this shower by a few feet!" or, "Yes, built-ins would be great in that spot!" or "Definitely we want this or that oversized item." or "Yes, we must have this or that luxury finish!"

Then you drop $500 on JUST tile for one shower, and it's a simple, plain style -- nothing fancy. And you know that the installer's already bought the new faucet and the shower door -- and the biggest of all, labor.

I'm often an advocate of modest plans, right-sized square footage, and limited splurges. Do I have a point here? Plan realistically. It's better than finding that you have to cut back mid-build.

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