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Need insight on our 2nd floor layout, specifically the bathroom

12 years ago

H and I have gone through the 2nd floor layout several times. He is suggesting to just have 1 door to the bathroom since it's not a real jack and jill bathroom. And he thinks that anyone using the bathroom will close all the doors anyway, so there's no point of having 2 doors nor 2 areas (vanity area and toilet/shower area).

What do I think? I'm thinking this setup will allow someone to use the sink/mirror; get ready while someone is using the toilet/shower.

My reason on the door from BR #2 is because that would be the only occupied BR. BR #3 will be an office while #4 will probably be a play area, or crafts. Another reason (which my H rolls his eyes on) is that the BR doors (except BR #4) can be seen from the 1st floor. So anyone can see you going into the bathroom in the morning in your PJs. LOL.

Anyway, I agree with H though that it's a waste of space. So, I'm rethinking and considering removing BR #2's door access to the bathroom.

What do you think? Would you leave it like it is? Or change it some other way? Here's the layout:


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