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Our bathroom/shower glass layout won't work???... Please help!!

2 years ago
last modified: 2 years ago

Our shower glass designer was at our house yesterday and after much discussion says we need to change the current half-walls to use available hardware to hold the glass and door. I, of course, do not want to change the half-walls.

We would like a frameless system with glass from the top of each half-wall to the ceiling and a door with hinges on the end of the left half-wall/glass (the door to start an inch above the floor to 12 inches from the ceiling, allowing air to be drawn out by the exhaust fan, avoiding a sauna). The designer states the hinges available will not work at the angles created by our wall layout. It seems simple to me, but I'm no expert.

The designer would like us to change our tiled half-walls so the ends of the half-walls face each other like in a doorway. Ripping off tile, changing the wall structure and retiling. Ugh!

The designer plans to review the situation and both framed and frameless possibilities with his hardware supplier to find out if there is hardware available to allow our current layout to work.

Note: The half-walls are perpendicular to each other and the shower is approx. 50" square (with the corner cut out for the door).

My thoughts were to do it as laid out in my drawing below...

I understand that regular hinges have a natural closure point when perpendicular out from the mounting(?). I found adjustable hinges that seem to address this problem (and emailed the info to the designer)...

We will not accept a 'framed' option.

1. What do you think about the frameless layout I drew above with the adjustable hinges?

2. Will this work as drawn?

3. Do we use U-channel or clamps where the glass sits on the half-wall?

4. Do we need to attach or seal the glass to the tiled walls, or are they far enough out of the way of spray to just leave the small space unsealed/unattached?

5. Do we need some kind of strip along the right side of the door to form a seal or closure?

6. What else have I forgotten to include or need to consider?

I know our designer should be figuring all this out and hopefully will. I want to be prepared to discuss this somewhat intelligently to ensure things go the way I think they should. I'd contact other glass shower suppliers but there aren't any. We are rural and there's only one (who DOES get good on-line ratings).

Thanks so much for your thoughts!!!1.

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