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How do YOU store a cooked ham?

13 years ago

I won a small ham on the bone before Christmas, which as I was planning a turkey for the big day, went into the freezer. Well, last Sunday I defrosted and baked it for dinner, and we had a few meals from it as well as a lot of sandwiches.

As I was getting it ready to put in the refrigerator after dinner on the first night, I was wondering how you guys store your cooked ham. Traditionally here we keep in in a calico bag, in the refrigerator. This keeps it moist enough but dry so it doesn't go all sticky and unpleasant. In the grocery stores special calico "ham bags" go on sale around Christmas time but I get free ones with every 10kgs of basmati rice I buy :-) so I don't feel the need for one that has "ham bag" printed on it. I may be getting older but I do still remember what's in that bag in the fridge :-)

So, how DO you store your cooked ham?

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