GE Advantium vs Elux ICON Speed Oven

11 years ago

Thought I had decided on Elux ICON ovens months ago but held off ordering until now and I'm waivering again. Plan is currently to install the Elux ICON Pro speed oven over a 30" convection oven from the same line. My biggest hesitation is the cavity/turntable size of the speed oven. Our other option right now is the GE Advantium, which has a 16" turntable vs. 13" in the ICON. The Miele also looks bigger but that's a budget breaker for us. The speed oven will need to serve as our second oven for holiday meals so I'm really having second thoughts about the ICON since it doesn't look like it will accomodate a full 9x13 pan. I also looked a little closer at the heating elements and see that the ICON has a "convection air opening" on the top but no broiler element. We do much more cooking (roasting, grilling, broiling, etc.) than baking so that is more of a prioriy. Does anyone have any experience with the Advantium and regular GE electric convection oven? Reliability is also a concern if anyone has any input on that.

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