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Fridge delivery...leaking icemaker line

12 years ago

I took delivery from Home Depot's delivery service of a new fridge. They hooked up my existing copper water line and put it in place. I went on with my life.

Tonight (delivered on was Sunday) I went into my home theater...immediately below the kitchen and heard "drip drip drip". I found a nice puddle, some very wet ceiling tiles, some wet drywall. Later I found that the water even got to my wood floors in the dining room adjacent to the kitchen.

I assume the delivery company will be responsible for this.

How far do I take this?

The theater damage area was:

*engineered wood floor on top of OSB...on top of delta fl (a product meant to protect from moisture coming up from below)

*splashing on drywall near the wood flor

*the dropped ceiling

Dining room...adjacent to the kitchen.

*Original (1970s) oak floors. I see moisture at the very edge. The floors are in good condition...just not currently finished well (old wax finish..mostly worn off).


*Tile was laid on plywood...over OSB. What do I do about the potential damage to the subfloor?

Why can't people spend an extra 5 minutes to check their work....why didn't I check their work?

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