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more heart failure over closets/cubbies

13 years ago

i wrote in a while back about my dilemma with our cabinet maker and how he quoted our mudroom cubbies, pantry and assorted built in closets at a MUCH higher price than our kitchen -which was extremely reasonable given it's size. and i knew the pricing was excellent since i'd received seven other quotes.

anyway, we hired our trim carpenter build everything else, but he told us while he would build the drawer boxes we'd have to order the drawer and door fronts from another source.

so the built ins are finished and it comes time to order. GC tells me we should just have the kitchen cabinet guy order those and be done with it. he emails the quote to me this morning and i nearly hit the floor. -granted it's a LOT (52 pieces -some very large doors) but the price is $7800.

have i mentioned i've been on blood pressure meds since the build began? i take the rest of the day to process and come up with plan B. it was my original intention to just order the drawers/door fronts online but for some ridiculous reason i decided going through the cabinet maker might somehow be LESS expensive. (she rolls on the floor laughing hysterically at her ignorance). i finally collect myself and find a RTA company online (cabinet now), punch in all the sizes i need and come up with a price: $2032.

you would think i would have learned by now. it seems easy enough, as long as our measurements are accurate.

while i'm definitely much better with the online pricing from, are there any other RTA .coms i should check out? if you've had a great experience with anyone in particular, i'd appreciate it if you could pass along their info. THANKS!

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