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Different main level floor plan. Better or worse?

11 years ago

I am trying to make this work within the same exterior footprint. The only exterior wall I moved was cutting the width of the front bump out by a foot.

Things I like about this new plan:

-Dining isn't a high traffic area from both directions.

-Master bath isn't as cramped

-Main level laundry is roomier but still near master

-Dh has easy access to master bath without walking all through the house in work boots.

-Half bath isn't right outside master bedroom door. (although it's still close so not a big change.)

-Bigger living room!

Things I'm not loving:

-Lost the music room. I was really liking the idea of having a small room for piano and other instruments with a door that could be shut so we didn't have to hear someone practice if we didn't want to. ;-) Also, the door keeps the sound out of the 2 story foyer. I like the instruments on the main level (as opposed to the basement) because I need to keep an eye on them to help and such.

-Exterior back door placement? Not sure what to do with it. I wanted to be able to get to a grill on the back patio easily from the kitchen.

-Kitchen - I really liked the layout in the original plan. Now I feel like it's too choppy or something. Is there anything I can do to fix that?

-I feel like we lose a lot of wasted space in hallways in the mudroom/back door area.

-I'm not sure how much space to leave at the bottom of the stairs. They open to the back of the house. Not sure if it's clear on this plan.

I'm going to work on it some more, but I wanted to get it here to see if anyone saw something I could do to fix the problem areas.

I'll attach my original plan in the next post so you can compare.


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