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Which layout of our main floor is better?

12 years ago

Hey everyone, we are in talks with a GC, but I would like to get the last bit ironed out. I've come down to two versions of the main floor that we like almost equally. (They don't really affect the second floor, just move a bathroom from one side of the stairs to the other.)

What I like about version A is that the powder room is accessible from the hallway and there is more room in the mudroom for a cabinet for dog dishes and food. I don't like the smaller living room, the oversized mudroom (for this size of house, approx 2200 sf), the smaller coat closet.

Version B has a larger living room, larger entry and hall, larger coat closet. But, the bathroom is accessible from the mudroom, and the placement of the door in the mudroom leaves less room for a dog food cabinet and bench.

We are not particularly fancy folks, and a house with kids and dogs will never be pristine--so I think we'd generally be okay with people having to walk through the mudroom to access the powder room, but obviously it is less preferable than access from the hall. Thoughts? Thanks!

Version A:


Version B:

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