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15,000 btu open burners vs. 19,000 btu sealed burners?

9 years ago

Hi everyone,

I am doing a kitchen reface and am looking to replace my electric range with a gas range because my wife does a lot of wok cooking. We are going to be staying in this house no more than 6-7 years so I don't want to spend a truck on the range. I've narrowed it down to 2 ranges:

Costco Bluestar RCS304: 4 x 15,000 btu open burners ($2,399)
Capital Precision GCR304: 4 x 19,000 btu sealed burner ($2,899, does not come with the 25,000 btu wok burner)

The Capital is a discontinued model and hence the discount off of $3,995 retail. There are not many reviews for that model Capital, but it seems that Capital in general have positive feedback from consumers.

My question is, which would be better for wok cooking? 15,000 BTU open burners, vs 19,000 btu sealed burners? I would think the higher btu is better, but being sealed burners, would that make it only slightly better? Enough to justify an extra $500? Which range to choose? Please help!


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