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wanted: hey! i got my fabulous swap gifts!

16 years ago

WHOA - I WASN'T LAST TO RECEIVE MY GIFTS! However, I am shamefully late in posting about them. I feel SO BAD and am SO {{gwi:1466444}}! Po' po' traceys has been so very patient with me! (But she was PLANNING to be evil telling Anne to e-mail me that my package wouldn't come until AFTER the deadline! The brat!)

I actually received two packages last Wednesday but my computer completely and utterly crashed and burned so I couldn't get to the Internet and post about the delights I found inside the box. I feel terrible that my partner had to wait this long (but I at least e-mailed her from work to let her know what was going on).


And then there's my apparently crappy camera, but that's another thread...

But hey, I can't wait to tell you about this!

Last Wednesday I got home late after a dinner out with the girls. I come in to the house directly from the garage so I normally don't see the front door. I thought there was no way I would have a package yet since I am always last to get my gifts. It was just serendipitous that I happened to look out front that night because there at the door stood TWO lovely Priority Mail {{gwi:1466446}}! Not one, but TWO! I had a hunch at that point I knew who they were from because of a thread posted earlier by Tracey (traceys). Could they be from her?

Yes indeed! All the way from Pennsylvania to Colorado! Well, the kittens knew right away that there was something exciting in there so they {{gwi:1466447}} me open the boxes and were quite impatient for me to open the {{gwi:1466449}}! I discovered the reason they were so anxious is that they had already pegged the box as a toy and the ribbons as even more toys! They were too fast for my slow shutter but I tried to catch them in the {{gwi:1466450}}.

Inside one box was a very nice letter from Tracey and an ENORMOUS {{gwi:1466452}}! The Silver Spoon is a cookbook I don't already have and is "the Bible of authentic Italian cooking!" And with 2,000 recipes and over 1,200 pages, there is no way that that I will ever tire of it. Just look {{gwi:1466453}} to see how enticing this looks! So now you can see why it had its own box! I love Italian food so this will give me enjoyment for many, many years to come.

In the next box were items wrapped up tight (in bubble wrap) like Fort Knox. Was Tracey testing me?? The cats were not being helpful, were more or less useless to me at this point, so I was on my own. Inside one set of bubble-wrapped packages I found some fabulous {{gwi:1466454}}. There was Ruthanna's Pa. Dutch Red Pepper Relish (this one will no doubt be my favorite), Cranberry Jam (will try to hold off until Thanksgiving - and may actually become my favorite) and a large jar of Annie's Famous Salsa (could become the favorite - don't know yet)! This is SUCH a treat for me because as I say, the only thing I can make is a mess! I am SO glad Tracey can't count and went over the limit of 3. Oops - did I say that out loud? Shhhh - dont tell.

The last thing I unwrapped was the ultimate fall swap gift! This is a {{gwi:1466455}} shaped like leaves made by a local potter there in PA. The color could not be more perfect for my house and the style is dead on a match for me! I LOVE THIS BOWL! I can only imagine how gorgeous the salsa will look in there!!

All in all, it was the perfect swap, well at least for ME it was. And well, except for the computer problem. I hope that Tracey doesnÂt swear off swaps in the future as a result of this horrible delay. Hey, I have an idea if you feel really sorry for her, you can get her address from Anne and send her stuff, kinda like "sorry your partner was such a loser" gifts. Yeah, that would make her feel betterÂ

Thank you Tracey for your patience, your good taste, and your culinary talent! I am so fortunate to have been on the receiving end!

Love, Marcia


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