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Vent Hood Insert & Remote Blower Lead Time?

15 years ago

I'm wondering what the lead time has been for most regarding ordering a hood insert and remote blower. I ordered mine (Prestige insert and 1600 cfm remote rooftop blower) on 10/15 thinking it would take very little time since a Broan vent hood I recently ordered for a rental property was delivered within a week.

My salesman called back a few minutes after I placed my order and told me that it would be 2 weeks to delivery. I told my GC, who was not thrilled but who planned accordingly. The slate roof replacement project was pushed back so we could get the remote blower installed first.

Last week was the 2 weeks week and I called to follow-up and my salesman says he was told it was coded as having been delivered and that the distributor, Signature Marketing Group, was looking into the matter. Nothing as of this morning. So, I sent an email to Signature asking what was going on and was told "That order carries a 4 week order point. At this point we are still on course to meet the allocation."

Someone is lying to me. I can't see why the appliance retailer would lie - he could just as easily have told me 4 weeks when he told me 2 weeks; why piss off a customer who was about to place an order for $26,000 more of appliances? I assume that Signature Marketing's Director of Marketing is lying to me.

So, before I do something drastic, like cancel my Prestige order and research a different insert, etc., I thought I'd try to find out what the lead time for ordering this appliance was for others.


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