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Help! Range hood w/ remote blower for 8" duct over 36" Bluestar

4 years ago


Long-time reader, first-time poster (and first time home-renovator!). I have to give thanks to this awesome and generous community--your knowledge and insight have been invaluable and helped inform so many of my decisions throughout this very wild journey.

I know this topic and even this question have been discussed many times over, so please bear with me. Now that I've hit a snag and need to reference posts I remember reading before, I can't find them, of course.

So the dilemma:

I am putting a 36" BlueStar RNB, all burners, in an island (I know, I know, but this is how I most enjoy cooking). I was planning on a 42" Prizer Manhattan with a 1000CFM remote blower, 10" duct, running about 13' with two elbows, BUT I've just been informed that we are restricted to an 8" duct, so now I'm back to the drawing board.

I know there is an Abbaka 1000 CFM remote blower that works on an 8" duct (and I seem to remember someone else having a similar setup?) but when I asked my appliance guy about it, he basically said that it's too much air to try to squeeze through an 8" duct (significant power drop, noisy) and most blowers max out at 600-700 CFM for that duct size so I should just go with that.

While I totally understand the concept, and it is true that it's been hard to find other high-powered blowers spec'd for 8" ducting, isn't the Abbaka still worth looking into? It seems like one of the rules mentioned over and over is that it's better to have a high-powered fan running on lower speeds than a low-powered fan running at higher speeds. Or am I missing something?

If the Abbaka is the better option, is Modern-Aire my only option now for hoods, or can it be wired to use with other hoods? Any advice? Open to getting schooled on this and/or any recommendations on other island range hoods and blower set ups!

Thanks in advance!!

PS: Yes, I have planned for makeup air!

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