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Le Creuset UK vs USA; Matte Black vs Satin Black

9 years ago

I'm trying to find info and have been largely unsuccessful. First, Le Creuset UK offers the really cool frying pans which are round and have the long handles (phenolic black, nowadays, instead of wood) just as a regular frying pan, while LC USA only offers the "Heritage Edition" with the wooden handles. I'm wanting to know the differences in these pans? One difference I noticed is the USA fry pans of this nature have the matte black interior finish and the UK have the satin black. Is one better than the other? Also, what are the differences in size, weight, design, etc? The Heritage Edition pans from the LC USA site say they are designed based on the old original design. And finally, where can you find the UK ones in the USA?

Also, a really important question I'd like answered is where to find replacement handles for these skillets (either wood or phenolic, doesn't matter) in the USA? The only ones I've found are in the UK, except a couple phenols on eBay for a ridiculous FIFTY something dollars.

Any LC buffs out there care to share your knowledge? This is driving me crazy not being able to find an affordable replacement handle for my LC frying pan.


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