Saucepans WITHOUT long handles?

14 years ago

I have looked at All Clad, Calphalon, Emerilware, Kirkland and everything seems to have very long handles. I find the long handles hard to use with mid-fifties arthritis and Carpal Tunnel in my hands. Are there any SS clad 1, 3, 6 qt. sauce pans out there that don't have such long handles? I like the all metal handles so they can go from stove top to oven, but it seems with the very long handles they might not fit so well in the oven.

I am use to shorter ones on my old Revere ware. I wish I would have bought the Revere Proline they had years ago, now discontinued, because they had dutch oven handles on all the saucepans not the long handles. Easier for me to use. Also I can just see me hitting the long handles when cooking on the stove top and tipping them over.

Any suggestions?



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