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WANTED: Summer Time, Summer Time, Summer Time Swap....

16 years ago

I know that some of you have been very patiently waiting for a Summer Swap. So here it is.

Limit is three items and the theme will be "Summer Time". You can be as creative as you wish with this open Theme. Patio Dining, Grilling, BBQing, Picnicking, are just a few ideas to shape your theme around. Although the limit is three items an item can be a set of anything that naturally comes in sets. ie, place mats typically come in sets of 4 or more, cocktail plates, wine glasses, ice cream bowls, salad bowls, candles, etc.....

Same rules as the last couple of swaps.


In order to participate you must be an active participating member of the Cooking Forum for at least three months or have participated in a previous swap. Although I hate to put a number on the times someone needs to have posted, active means more than 20 times since March 1st, 2007. Most members prefer to send and receive from people that they have come to know through participation. If you don't qualify for this swap, please continue to post so that you can play in the "Fall Swap".


You must commit to spending at least $30.00 on your swap box. The cost of Shipping is EXTRA.


Mail your gift box on or before the "Mailing Date" (Friday July 6th, 2007)


Once the packages have started to arrive please try and participate on some of the follow-up threads.




Now, I know that many of you like to "Cheat". I've been guilty of it too. But based on some of the emails I've received I am asking everyone to please stick to just "Three Items". So, if you want to wrap your gifts in tea towels or antique linens then send a set of tea towels and count them as one item.

If you are interested in playing please sign up as soon as possible, between now and Thursday June 7th (6:00PM).

I have Friday off this week and I will try to get the names matched up and the emails out by Friday night.


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