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Need Inexpensive SMALL printer/copier

14 years ago

I've done google searches and searched the net with no clear results. I'm looking for a very small printer/copier that I can use in my office. It will probably have to sit on a bookshelf or in the closet. I used to bring things home for the occasional copy or printing I needed, but have decided that there are enough times I need to make copies or print at work that I should be able to do it there. All I need are black and white. Right now, I probably don't even print/copy 10 pages/month at work - although I'm sure if the printer was there, I'd use it more - but realistically I wouldn't expect more than 25-50 pages/month (and probably much less).

It really has to be small - doesn't have to be quick, quiet or have special capacities (like duplexing or envelopes). If I could connect it wireless to my laptop, that would be handy - but I think wireless capability is not going to be on the same low-end, small, basic printer I'm looking for. I don't even think ink costs are a big consideration since I don't think it will be used often.

Software memory-hogging is an issue bc. my laptop at work is an old clunker, athlon processor, xp sp2, only 512 MB RAM. I can't afford to slow it down with bloatware. This has been one reason I'm tending away from the HP's.

Thanks for any suggestions. The smallest I found was the Canon IP 1800 (about 17" X 10" - 6-7" high) - but it's not clear to me yet whether it also copies. I believe it's meant as a photo printer.



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