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Cookware for Electrolux induction slide-in range (EW30IS65JS)

12 years ago

This is my first post so hope I will do it correctly. Many times I have benefitted from this forum with thoughts and ideas - so thank you to all of you.

Now I have a question regarding the Electrolux slilde-in range (model# EW30IS65JS): I have ordered this range to be delivered in a couple of weeks, and am now looking for cookware - however I am having a problem finding regular pots and pans that fit the large front burners (if less than 7 � inches on bottom where pot touches the burner it will not work on front burners. Does anyone know of any particular cookware brand that have 2 or 3 quarts pots and/or 10 inch pans with bottoms large enough to fit the front burners on the Electrolux induction slide in range? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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